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Article by Sue Churchill – Nursery Management Today, December 2013

“What Tariq wanted was one piece of software to bring everything together, saving him and his team time so they could focus on the business of caring for and developing children.”

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Nursery tested software – Nursery Management Today, October 2013

“Prism, unusually, has been developed and tested in the Rainbow Smiles day care nursery. As a result, its development has been guided by the responses of the practitioners who use it.”

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When you click – Nursery World, August 2013

“Nursery owners who are hands-on in the day-to-day running of their business have a big advantage when it comes to being innovative about how to take that business forward.”

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South London Press, November 2014

“The paperless system is designed to improve the quality and transparency of the nursery without increasing the cost.”

Dulwich & South London Press, 2014

“A pioneering computer system is improving toddlers’ learning at a nursery…now it’s ready to go nationwide.”

Bett awards, 2014

“Highly Commended for Early Years Digital Content goes to Astec Solutions for Prism. Congratulations!”

Over the rainbow to our pot of gold! Prism is exciting, innovative and pioneering: a software solution that is so bold.

Carolynn Fletcher ( (Winner of Nursery World Manager of the Year 2014 and NMT Outstanding Contribution 2015)

Manager, Swineshead preschool

“In the morning, I can look on the system to see how many children are in, or are coming in late, and immediately start planning the day. If there is something that needs to be recorded about a child, it can be entered on the touch screen immediately, which means everything is always up to date and time isn’t wasted on paperwork.”

Christina Upjohn

Practitioner, Read case study

“It is easy to use and because information can be accessed on the touch screens, everyone knows what everyone else is doing. One of Prism’s biggest benefits is how it enhances working with parents. We can communicate with parents on an immediate basis and they have access to information about everything their child is doing here. It establishes a great relationship with them because they always have something to talk to us about.”

Carlos Ortiz

Deputy Manager, Rainbow Smiles

“It’s really great because [my son] is not always forthcoming about what he has done during the day, although sometimes out of the blue he may launch into a long story about something he’s done. With access to the emails. Now, I always know what he is talking about.”

Luisa Koz


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